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Whisk(e)y Tasting

Whisky Tasting.jpeg

Here's A Party Idea!

What's a better way to connect with friends than sipping whiskies and learning something new together? Whether it's a birthday celebration or a girls' night, you can always make it a little extra special with the water of life.

Inquire here if you're interested in organizing a whisky tasting at your party.

Tasting Ideas

Classic Scotch Whisky Tasting

Embark on a journey to Scotland with 3 to 4 drams of Single Malt Scotch.

New World vs. Old World

Trot around the globe through a curated selection of 3 to 4 whiskies from different continents.

Let's Customize for Your Party

Enjoy an evening of whiskies chosen based on your preferences and knowledge of whiskies.

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