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Review: Caperdonich Peated 18 Year Old

Caperdonich Peated 18 Year Old

Cask Info: Matured in American oak barrels.


Chill Filtration

Natural Color






Caperdonich Peated 18 Year Old

Nose: Wafts into the nose first is sea minerality, reminiscent of fresh oysters. Underneath this moderate peat are notes of smoked Gouda, leather, green apple, citrus, and raw Manuka honey. It gets more fruity over time — dried apricot and stewed pear.

Palate: Sweet on arrival, with a creamy mouthfeel. Honey, lemon zest, pepper, menthol, a bit of wood, and soft smoke. Water brings down the soot characteristics and makes it sweeter.

Finish: The finish is long. There’s a good mix of sweetness, smokiness, and slight savoriness, along with a lingering zingy minty feel.

Final Thought: This whisky is peaty but not overwhelming, with discernible sweet characteristics. It’s more of a peated whisky for rainy spring nights than for winter snowstorms. How the flavors integrate with peat and smoke in this whisky is quite unique. If you want a peat monster, you’ll be disappointed. But if you want a moderately peated whisky, this is an unsung hero. Definitely a dram worth trying if you don’t want a bottle 🥃

Girl with Cask Strength Score: 88/100.


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